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    Ways Your Signs Can Highlight Your Company’s Charitable Work

    Charity is an effective strategy for companies to build trust and endearment with their clientele. In fact, a Nielsen survey revealed that most people would rather buy from companies that engage in charity work. This act of giving back to society is indeed noble. Companies can showcase their charitable activities in many ways through signs:

    • Indoor or interior signs – This is in-store signage that is visible to people who visit the store or business.
    • Outdoor or exterior signs – A company can choose to promote a cause they are advocating for outside. In so doing, they can propel others to join in and help.
    • Digital signage and graphics – A business can take advantage of its digital platforms to put up digital signs that pass the word around or highlight the charitable causes undertaken.

    Tips to Create Ideal Charity Signage For Your Business

    1. Honesty counts.

    There is a very thin line between charity work and showing off. Many companies use charity work just to sanitize their brands and ventures. True or genuine intentions with any charity will make all the difference. This way, your signs will not be self-serving but rather serving the actual charity in question.

    1. Show people how to help the charity directly.

    Signs that call people to action, to directly help a cause are more effective. This is opposed to asking people to send money to your company. Allow people to see the transparency. For example, if a customer buys one product, tell them one will be donated to charity. Or, show people a separate collection point to place their donations.

    1. Use real testimonials of beneficiaries.

    Signage that highlights a testimonial from a beneficiary is more compelling. Show people that you are actually making a difference in society.

    1. Use subtle language in charity signage.

    With your charity signage, don’t be too quick to chest-thump. Even if you have achieved a lot, use a subtle tone to show humility. Prospects are always impressed by this. At the same time, don’t be shy to highlight your charity work. Use facts and show people the kind of contribution you are making in society.

    Above all, a charity signage should ask people to join in and help. The signs can also be used to thank people who have participated in the charity activity or cause. Using signs the right way can change the outlook of your company and draw more attention therein from prospects.

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