Real Estate and Post and Panel Signs

Real estate and post and panel signs help you out with the hard work of selling a property. These handy exterior signs are a must-have for any realtor. They help you go the extra mile in getting a house, condo or apartment sold. And don’t worry, these signs aren’t just for properties that are already built. You can advertise construction of a new housing development with real estate signs, too.

Here are a few different styles of real estate and post and panel signs:

  • Inverted “L” Beam with Panel: This is the classic post and panel sign. It is made of a post that looks like an upside-down “L” with a panel attached to it via hooks. The panel advertises a new property or one that’s been previously owned and is being sold. It contains information on the realtor, like how to contact them.
  • Construction Site Signage: This is an excellent way to show potential buyers what you’re building. You can use an architect’s sketch of the future property to showcase the various amenities and dimensions of the houses. Use treated wood to keep the sign weather-resistant, and you’ll be set.
  • Single-Sided Signs: These signs are a fantastic idea for those properties that are smaller in size, like an apartment or condominium. If you’re selling an individual one of these types of properties, we recommend single-sided signs. They will contain all the information your visitors will need to know in a compact space.
  • Double-Sided Signs: This version of the post and panel sign is much more common, but it still works very well when it comes to attracting buyers. Just because it’s the standard real estate sign doesn’t mean that it won’t work for your specific property. These are great because they have information on both sides of the panel, making them ideal signs for busy city or suburban streets. People walking by will stop to look at the sign, making them more likely to stop in for an open house.

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