Lobby and Logo Signs

Lobby Logo Signs

For retail stores and business offices alike, first impressions matter. Having a professionally created Lobby Logo Sign can make a great first impression on a new customer and leave them with a strong image of your brand.  Our Graphic Design team can work with you to create an innovative design to fit your branding needs.

Our custom designs will set any business apart while working seamlessly into the current aesthetic of the space. Our 3D lobby signs are a popular option to fit logos or company names attractively and without taking away from the look of a lobby, reception area, or retail area.

We offer many different options in 3D lettering to best serve any budget.

  • Metal Laminate Signs

Metal signage used to be a very costly option for businesses. However, our products have the same look and feel as the more expensive metal signs without the cost and weight. By utilizing a thin piece of metal laminate, our signs take the timeless look of a metal sign and put them in an easier-to-obtain budget.

Most commonly, aluminum is used to plate the signs. Satin and polished metal laminate strips can also be used to create the 3D effect for the signs. The thickness of the material under the metal is used to determine the 3D effect, which saves a lot of money for our customers without sacrificing looks.

This type of Lobby Sign is most often used in law offices, medical offices, IT companies, and sports organization. However, our Graphic Design team can help any type of business create a solution to work for their space.

  • Foam Lettering

For a low budget with a big vision, our foam letters can create the signage solution you need. These signs are perfect for a project on a huge space and create more dramatic 3D effects without a financial drain on a project. Foam letters also give customers more options when it comes to colors and designs, as foam is cheaper and easier to work with.

Foam letters are a perfect idea for more creative or artistic offices looking to express their individuality, as the color options and combinations are virtually limitless. The letters also come with the option of an acrylic laminate for a more professional look, or they can be left as foam for a more whimsical and artistic feel.

Many companies choose foam letters for smaller conference areas to match the larger, more expensive signs in their lobby areas. This creates a cohesive feel while keeping costs low.

  • Acrylic Lettering

For a crisper, cleaner feel, Acrylic Lettering provides smoother lines and symbols that stand out on a wall. The materials make it easier to get every edge straight and every curve smooth. This is one of the best products for companies that have more intricately designed logos, or have a more professional design in their branding.

For those that are more detail-oriented, acrylic lettering gives a flawless look, free of imbalances and small imperfections. This is helpful for brands that pride themselves in being more modern and contemporary in their designs. Acrylic lettering typically comes in less color options than foam lettering, but it is possible to custom create hues to better match a company’s logo needs.

Due to the light weight of the lettering, they are most often installed directly to the wall using silicone or back mounts, making them one of the easiest to install in any space.