Channel Letter Signs

Most consumers don’t know what a Channel Letter sign is, yet they seem them every day. More commonly known as neon signs, Channel Letter Signs offer an equal alternate to Cabinet Signs by turning company names into lighted signs for the front of the building. These signs are most often used for retail storefronts, prominently displayed above entrance ways.

These three-dimensional signs can be seen from a long distance, maximizing the impact of a store’s signage. Our team works with customers to enhance branding by selecting the right fonts and colors for any job. Additionally, we offer different lighting styles to fit the needs of every client.

We create our custom-made signs by using metal or plastic letters that are internally illuminated to grab the attention of passersby, both on foot and driving past. We make installation easy by sending an installer to mount the letters directly to the building, or by using the raceway mount when access to the back of the wall is not possible.

Styles of Channel Letters

  • Standard Channel Letter. As the name might suggest, this is the most common style in channel letters. The front of these letters is covered in either pigmented plastic, or plastic that has been covered with translucent vinyl film.
  • Open Face Channel Letter. In an open face channel letter, the front of each letter has an open look while typically having a clear plastic front to protect the neon. We add a reflective color to the interior of the letter to enhance its look.
  • Reverse Channel Letter. This type of letter is also known as a back lit letter for good reason. The letter is manufactured to have the illumination come from behind it, which adds more light to the mount of the product. These letters have a cleaner and often more striking appearance.
  • Black/White Channel Letter. One of the benefits of these letters is having a different color from day into night. When the neon is off during the day, the letters will be black. When turned on at night, they light up white. This creates a great contrast for every time of the day.