Cabinet Signs

Looking to make a statement to passersby? Our Cabinet Signs, also known as lightbox cabinets, turn a business’s logo into a work of art using vibrant colors that standout from any type of building. The lighting effect is created by using an exterior frame with an interior light source that is sure to leave an impression.

Our Cabinet Signs are made with sturdy aluminum frames that never rusts or attracts insects. Even better, our frames can be customized to form around your company’s logo, or you can stick with our usual rectangle shape as a base. Our Graphic Design team will work with any specifications to make a unique and interesting product for every business’s needs.

We also add a standard polycarbonate front, which fits seamlessly on top of the box cabinet. This protects the interior light source without sacrificing information about your company to ensure your sign stays shining bright.

Benefits of Cabinet Signs

  • Branding your location. Business signs can be one of the most effective forms of marketing for companies. Our Cabinet Signs prominently feature a company’s brand identity, which includes the brand name, logo, symbols, packaging, product, or service, along with other graphics. Our in-house team works with our customers to put your company’s branding elements into one sleek look.
  • Increase sales. Studies have shown that even a small directional sign showing motorist how to best get into a parking lot can increase sales by 4 – 12%. By letting customers know what your company offers and displaying important information, a company can market themselves simply and efficiently without creating a single advertisement.
  • More information for consumers. With so much competition in the marketplace, customers no longer need to talk face-to-face to learn about services. By letting passersby know what your product or services are, you increase the likelihood of gaining their business. Our in-house team understands how to best present information to consumers and will help find the best solution for your business.