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    Make a Deep Impression with Dimensional Signs

    Dimensional embellishments are extensions that create a 3D effect to your signage. They aim to improve the dimensional properties of the width and height of your signs making it stand out on display. It grabs attention to the text and printed graphics by bringing life to your logo name or lettering.

    Dimensional signs are attractive alternatives to the traditionally flat signs. They increase the visibility to potential clients by being unique and creating an eye-catching appeal.

    3D lettering is an excellent option for both your interior or exterior display. It can also be used as a stand-alone sign when combined with other full wall graphics. Dimensional signage creates a professional look to your business. Customers are driven to understand that your company is more established increasing the potential of joining your services.

    Before you head on and choose the perfect dimensional signage for your business, here are a few things you should consider:

    Different Illumination

    Unlike the usual 2D signs, 3D signage has a list of lighting options. You no longer have to have the general spotlight from one source. 3D provides you with more back-lighting from dimensional sources. The lights are illuminated from the back by the use of LEDs.

    You also have the option of choosing the face lit signage. This means, your letters or logos will feature light with translucent acrylic fronts that increase its dimension significantly 

    Type of Material

    Dimensional signs provide you with increased flexibility of the type of look you want for your business. The lettering comes in different shapes, sizes, and material. Before you select any of these, consider the features that will blend best with your business or organization. The materials to choose from are endless. You select metal lettering, stainless steel or plastic letters. Additionally, there is the option of having wood signs as well as the foam types.

    Wooden signs create a traditional and versatile look for your business. They offer great flexibility as you can paint them by your tastes and preferences.

    If you are looking for high-end dimensional signage, then go for the metal letters. You can choose from copper to brass, aluminum, stainless steel and much more. The metal letters have high durability and will create a classic look to your business front.

    Are you on a tight budget? Then you can opt for the acrylic or plastic letters which are cost effective.

    Let Us Help You Put Your 3D Vision to Work

    If you are looking to stand out with the best three-dimensional signs, then Knox Box Signs is your one-stop fabricator for all your dimensional needs. We offer both outdoor and indoor dimensional lettering at a wide range of prices and application. To get started, contact us today and get the best services at the right prices.