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    Let Your Light Shine with Neon Signs

    Neon lights are a very popular way of advertising ever since the 90s. They can often be spotted in restaurants, hotels, and motels. They not only draw attention to the business but, very often, they even save it.

    The Attractiveness of Neon Lights

    Neon lights are easily noticeable and look very attractive. Their bright colors can be spotted from a distance, for example, when driving down the highway. Any potential clients and customers can hardly miss them.


    Any advertisement can be easily modeled into a neon sign in many creative ways. It is also not expensive. They can be formed into silhouettes. This kind of advertisement can often be seen while driving through Miami, Las Vegas, Dallas.


    Neon signboards can last a very long time. They are a cheap investment that can draw customers to your business for a long time. The most important thing is to choose the right sign for your brand. They will surely bring profit to your business in the following years.

    This platform gives a lot of freedom of expression and ensures a profit.

    Past and Present Usage

    This kind of advertising started at the end of the 17th century. Today they can be seen in horizontal, vertical or cursive fonts. They can be used not only for business but also:

    • To give instructions as arrow neon signs pointing to the restroom or indicating that a place is open.
    • In homes as a fun decoration.
    • To invite people to come and try your product.
    • As an offer to try various things: be it a pizza or match latte at a new restaurant or a relaxing massage at your newly opened spa center.

    This is the most effective kind of advertisement to attract any client to your particular business.

    The most striking form in which neon signs come is when the bright letters are positioned against the dark background surface. In this way, they immediately catch the viewer’s eye and reach the target audience.

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