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    Introducing the Knox Box Signs Blog

    At Knox Box Signs, we understand how to turn signage into a powerful tool in catching the attention of passersby. With our variety of colors, fonts, and graphic solutions, each sign is tailor-made to fit the unique style of your brand and capture the best you have to offer the local community in a concise design. We work with different shapes and sizes in all our signage solutions from Exterior Signs to Trade Show Displays. When you partner with us, you get the full-service of a one-stop shop with the professionalism of a Graphic Design team.

    Our signage solutions make designing and printing a sign a simple process. When you give us the graphics you want to display, we do the hard work in getting it ready for the machine. Even more, we offer solutions when you aren’t sure of which graphics will make the best impact and can help rebrand a company that isn’t getting the most out of their current marketing efforts.

    The Benefits of the Right Sign

    Simply having a sign isn’t enough. To get the most value out of your investment, it pays to choose the right sign. We discuss sign solutions with our clients and offer ideas they may not have come up with on their own while staying true to the vision they described. Rather than a traditional sales team, we have a Customer Service team that aims to upsell your services rather than your budget.

    • Cost effective. We keep both your budget and how to get the best sales in mind when designing your sign. Our team will discuss how a bigger sign would increase your sales leads without putting the pressure on to make a larger investment than you’re ready to take on.
    • Sales leads. A great sign isn’t just one that looks good. Instead, the right sign will bring in more customers and raise awareness about your brand. Don’t settle for a sign that simply “does its job.” Work with us to find a sign that will bring in business.
    • Reach all demographics. Signs can be seen by anyone. While traditional marketing aims to target one group, a sign can reach customers you never would have thought of. Let the leads come to you by creating an effective design that catches the right kind of interest.

    Don’t know where to start in your project? We can help! Our team works with new and old clients alike in every step of their project. Email us at or call 123-456-7890 today to find out how we can create a sizeable ROI for your business.