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    How to Keep Your Vehicle Wraps Looking Good

    Investing in vehicle wraps for advertising your business on the go is a great idea. You get mobile marketing and lots of exposure in one package.

    Since you made this investment, it’s important to keep it looking like new for as long as possible.

    Why else should you do this? Think about the times you have seen a vehicle with dirty or faded wraps advertising a company. Did it also make you wonder about the quality of the business or service? If they neglected their vehicle, what else were they neglecting?

    Protect your investment and put your best face forward. Learn how to keep your vehicle wraps in top condition for the long haul.

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    5 Keys to Keeping your Vehicle Wraps Looking Like New

    Once you know how to care for your wraps, maintenance should be a breeze. This will keep them looking glossy and vibrant for much longer.

    1. Avoid Car Washes with Automatic Brushes

    Automatic car washes that use harsh brushes or scrubbers can equal death for your vehicle graphics. These can use too much force and end up peeling off or damaging your wrap. If you’re not sure if a car wash has scrubbing brushes, best to skip it altogether.

    2. Hand-Wash with Mild Detergents

    To keep your wraps looking beautiful longer, hand-wash only. You need to be able to control the force you use, the tools, and the type of detergents so you can get a gentle yet effective clean.

    Detergents with chemicals or alcohol can cause issues, so go with gentle cleaners. Better yet, check with your installer to see what they recommend. When you’re done, remember to rinse thoroughly with water.

    3. Avoid Scrubbing Your Vehicle Wraps

    Instead of scrubbing your vehicle, use a soft cloth. Too much abrasion will cause your wraps to peel at the edges. Similarly, use soft cloths or chamois to dry your vehicle, or let it air-dry.

    4. Apply Non-Harsh Wax

    After hand-washing, applying a good wax is a way to keep your vehicle wraps looking glossy. However, some waxes contain harsh ingredients, like petroleum distillates, which can damage the film. Once again, ask your installer for tips on which wax brand is safe to use.

    5. Try Waterless Washes

    A combination waterless wash and wax is a good, gentle option to clean your vehicle graphics if they’re not too dirty. It will also up the shine and gloss. Don’t use waterless washes if you have matte graphics on your vehicle, as these products will leave behind shiny spots.

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    The Key to Like-New Wraps is Maintenance

    Keep your vehicle graphics looking like new with regular maintenance. Other good tips include parking in the shade (which lessens fading due to UV ray exposure), and avoiding all harsh chemical cleaners or waxes.

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