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    Frosted Window Decals FAQ

    If you want to get the effect of privacy in your office or at home, there is one perfect solution — frosted window decals. They might be ideal for getting the balance you need. Some decals are completely opaque or totally clear, but frosted window decals are something in between. The combination between the two is ideal for getting the effect you need. 

    How Do Frosted Window Decals Look Like 

    Most professionals craft the frosted window decals with attention to few segments. The width is usually 2 millimeters, while the size corresponds to your preferences. Some clients want bigger decals, while others need minimal signs that accentuate the specific part of the window. In both cases, the crafting of the decals is the same.

    Materials are suitable for glass and they are built to last. The end result is the frosted window decals that send the right message. If you want to present the working hours or a company logo, the frosted window decals are an ideal solution. 

    What Is the Effect of Frosted Window Decals 

    The most visible effect is the decoration of the space while sending the message. At the same time, you avoid the transparency of the window. Huge office rooms or entering doors are ideal for frosted window decals because you put the signage solution in the visible place. The effect is complete. You get the decoration, the specific message and stylish privacy in one solution. Frosted windows decals are an irreplaceable option for all kinds of businesses. 

    Ask the Professionals 

    If you have any question about the design that corresponds to your desires, it is best to ask the professionals. One of the most recommended teams in the industry is the Knox Box Signs team. 

    We are specialized in different kinds of signage solutions. You will get the advice about few specific things when it comes to frosted window decals. Learn about the details like:

    • The most suitable positioning
    • Effective design
    • Appropriate size

    Many things need to come in place, and that is where our team can help. We will offer you something different that will completely change your room or office space. Frosted windows decals can improve your space in many ways if they are properly applied.

    Our team at Knox Box Signs knows how to achieve the effect you need. Contact us and get the professional advice from our friendly staff.