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    Color Combinations for Yard Signs

    Sometimes, two people will place a yard sign on their lawn with the same words and size, but only one of them will get a response. Have you ever wondered why that happens? Well, color combinations have something to do with it.

    You see, people respond to different colors in different ways. In fact, the psychology of color is already a critical part of marketing science in contemporary society. Unfortunately, many people don’t know how color combinations facilitate the effectiveness of yard signs.

    Here are exciting ideas on how to apply this concept in your next marketing campaign within your neighborhood.

    Red and White Is an Attractive Combination that Shows Simplicity

    Red is a highly captivating color. Your potential clients will notice it from miles away. More importantly, they cannot mistake it for anything else because most items in the neighborhood rarely have this color. However, your yard sign may appear too flashy if you combine red with an equally attractive color like yellow or blue. Instead, the best combination would be red and white because white is a bit subtle. Consequently, your yard will be attractive and simple at the same time.

    Orange and Blue Creates a Calming Effect on Potential Clients

    Many people associate orange with sunshine resulting in a feeling of joy, enthusiasm, and positivity. Yard shines with an orange color evoke similar emotions in those who see them. The perfect color to combine it with is blue because many people associate it with the sky. In fact, blue symbolizes confidence because the sky is always there no matter what happens during the day or night. It also represents hope because people look up to the clouds or the stars whenever they feel sad. Consequently, a yard sign with a combination of orange and blue would evoke joy and hope in those who view it.

    Yellow and Black Shows Happiness and Strength

    People remember sunflowers and the sun whenever they see the color yellow. That is why many of them associate yellow with happiness, cheerfulness, and uplifted spirits. A yard sign with this color evokes similar feelings in passersby. However, selling a house is a grave matter that has financial and legal consequences, so you have to combine yellow with a color that indicates strength and seriousness. That color is yellow. Use yellow letters on a black background.

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