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    Back to Sign Basics in 2018

    When your business is located in a busy street or a large mall, you only have seconds to attract the attention of potential customers and convince them to try your store. That’s why you should heavily rely on business signage.

    Signs can play an influential role in attracting people to your store. If your business falls in the SME (small and micro enterprise) category, go out of your way to look like the major players, and signage can help you achieve that.

    Signs can help create a brand for your business, reinforce it, give directions, attract new clients and create impulse sales as well.

    Returning to the Basics In Signage Industry In 2018

    Knowing the factors to consider in effective signage can help you take full advantage of business signs- a tried and tested marketing strategy.

    1. Size

    Many managers and owners of businesses underestimate the importance of a very critical element- size of signage. If potential customers cannot see the signage with ease, then it’s a waste of resources.

    1. Prioritize

    The biggest element ought to be your logo or primary message. Emphasis should be placed here. On the other hand, information that is less important should be in small size. Prioritization helps to guide customers’ eyes to the message that you consider most important.

    1. Who You Are

    The name of your business and its logo must appear. To create a brand, the signage must have a good design and an equally attractive layout. Presentation and color schemes must be consistent. That’s the only way to ensure that the sign stands out.

    1. White Space

    This is the background of your business sign. Logo, illustration and text aren’t part of white space. Providing enough white space allows the signage to breathe comfortably. On the other hand, insufficient space may lead to suffocation. A perfect example is a case whereby the signage contains so much information that prospective customers fail to absorb any of it.

    1. What You Do

    Include your tagline or a one or two line précis of what your business is about, especially if the name doesn’t directly reveal what your enterprise is involved in. The two can help you look different or even better than competitors. Additionally, you can include a summarized list of the products or services that you provide.

    1. Location

    Let potential customers know exactly how they can get in touch with you. Include telephone numbers, physical address, website address, email address and fax numbers.

    Contact the Experts

    We have been designing, installing and maintaining signs for businesses for many years. As a result, we’ve managed to gain a significant market share, gained the trust of thousands of clients and acquired an in-depth understanding of the industry dynamics.

    If you need any services related to business signage, just get in touch with Knox Box Signs. We won’t disappoint you.