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    4 Ways to Use Wall Graphics to Match Your Branding

    If you want big impact or a “wow” moment when customers walk into your store, wall graphics are the way to go.

    These are installations made of thin vinyl that adhere to any wall. They can be made in all kinds of colors, styles, shapes and sizes. Cover an entire wall with a mural, add graphic accents or details, or add messages.

    If you’re thinking of using wall graphics for your storefront or offices, you shouldn’t put up just any random image. Instead, your graphics should tie back to your brand and your company message. There are lots of ways to do this.

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    How to Use Wall Graphics for a Seamless Company Look

    Graphics are a great way to add punchy flair to your storefront or customer-facing areas. Tie the design back to your brand for a seamless look and feel.

    1. Use the Same Fonts

    Your company logo and branding probably includes particular fonts in the design. If you want your graphics to look cohesive and tie into your brand, use the same or similar fonts.

    For instance, if your logo has a font that looks like handwriting, don’t use a simple serif font (like Times New Roman) on your walls. If you have a modern logo with bold lettering, do something similar on your graphics as opposed to using a font that’s dainty and feminine.

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    2. Create the Same Mood

    Your brand tells a story and evokes a mood. Your wall graphics should do the same.

    For example, if your company is all about healthy living or natural products, you could put up a wall mural of a serene landscape with lots of plant life. If you’re a restaurant, you could put up graphics tying back to appetizing foods and relevant cultural associations.

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    3. Use Similar Shapes on Wall Graphics

    If you use shapes in your logo and branding, repeat those shapes in the graphics you create. Branding that uses circles should be mirrored with curves or repeating circles. If your logo incorporates minimalism and straight edges, keep that theme going by using stripes or clean squares. The point is to take what you have and expand on it.

    4. Mix Your Brand Colors with Accent Shades

    You absolutely should use the same colors on your graphics that you use for your branding. Just expand the palette a bit so it doesn’t get boring.

    For instance, if your logo uses blue, gray, and white, repeat those colors, but don’t limit yourself to them. Add in touches of black and brown for a masculine feel, or go with yellow and green to get back to nature. Use these accent shades to connect to your brand message in a bold way.

    Any of these tips will help you create a seamless feel – from your logo, to your branding, and to your store design. Keep to a specific theme or mood, echo design elements from your logo, and create a space that is totally on-message. Do it all with wall graphics from Knox Box Signs. Contact us today for a free quote.