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    4 Easy Tips for Using Banners to Promote Your Events

    You’re putting together an event for your business, organization, or customers.

    How do you let people know it’s happening in the first place? How do you draw attention to the event?

    Promotional banners are the perfect solution to all these questions. They’re inexpensive, movable, flashy and to-the-point. As long as you design them and use them the right way, they’re a great tool to keep in your marketing arsenal.

    Learn 4 Ways to use Custom Banners for Promotion

    Create effective banners with just a few simple tips.

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    1. Make Them Easy to Read

    Above all, your banner needs to be easy to read. People should be able to glance at it and get the message. This means you only have a few seconds to convey your information.

    The simplest way to make your sign easy to read is to make it big. Really big. If you’re unsure if the size you’re going with is large enough, go bigger. An overly huge sign is far better than a tiny sign that gets swallowed up by its surroundings.

    2. Keep the Message Simple

    Along with going big, you need to keep your message clear and simple. If you include too much text, your targets aren’t going to be able to read the whole thing in those few precious seconds. Think about what people can logically read while they’re driving by in a car or walking past.

    Keeping the message simple also means you have room to use a font that’s nice and large.

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    3. Use Bold Colors

    When you are creating a banner, it’s not really the time to be quietly sophisticated. You need to draw eyes. You need to grab attention. You need to go bold.

    Use bold colors, but keep it readable. If you’re going with a bright background, use black or white text. Brightly-colored text needs to go on a white background.

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    4. Think About Placement

    Where will your sign be placed? If it’s going outdoors, it needs to be printed on durable material that can withstand wind, rain, and sun. Vinyl is a good option for both indoor and outdoor signs. You’ll also need a sturdy post or support, or a way to tie or attach the sign to a wall, building or doorway.

    The great thing about banners is that they’re reusable and movable. If you can, keep your message evergreen for more than one use. For instance, a banner that reads “SALE” can be used over and over again – whenever you’re offering discounts.

    Don’t Be Shy with Your Banners

    Let’s put it this way: Your sign can’t be too ostentatious.

    Your banner should be the equivalent of a shout in order to get people’s attention. Be loud, be bold, and stay simple and clear. Don’t forget to use a trusted company to get it produced professionally. Choose Knox Box Signs for all your printed promotions. Contact us today to get a free quote.