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    10 Surprising Uses for Custom Yard Signs

    You may think that yard signs are only reserved for political races, but they can be used for much more.

    These handy little signs can do it all, such as advertise your business or promote a garage sale. Here are the most surprising and creative ways to utilize yard signs.

    10 Creative Ways to Use Yard Signs

    Yard signs are a great way to draw attention to your business in a positive way.

    1. Promote Your Work at Its Source

    Are you a landscaper or a lawn care specialist? Advertise your services right where your work lives. Ask your clients if you can stick a sign or two in their lawn. People who notice the lush grass and the perfectly manicured hedges will know exactly who to call to get the same results.

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    2. Tell Passersby About Your Sale

    If you’re having a sale, draw traffic into your store with yard signs. Place them near the curb for maximum exposure to passing traffic.

    3. Be Witty or Comedic

    If you want to use the combination of wit and mystery to promote what you do, use small signs you can stick in yards all over town. Put one witty phrase or question on a sign and provide your website or business name underneath. Curious people will look you up, especially if you made them chuckle.

    4. Point the Way

    Is your location off the beaten path? Are you a single street away from the main thoroughfare? Tell people how to find you with a well-placed sign near a busy intersection or pedestrian walkway. Use arrows to keep it simple.

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    5. Give Potential Customers Your Contact Information

    If you’re a realtor or in a related industry, put yard signs on the lawns of your listings with your contact number.

    6. Offer a Coupon Code or Text Deal

    If you have a web presence or an online/text coupon, let people know about it with signs near your physical location.

    7. Give Simple Yet Useful Information

    Little signs are the perfect place to present bite-sized nuggets of information. Tell passersby and potential customers about vacancies, specials, and other little bits of information you may deem important.

    8. Tell Them Who You Are

    These little signs are a quick, fun way to tell people who you are as a business. Just slap your logo and phone number on it and you’re done. Put them up at events, near sidewalks, and by busy streets.

    9. Get to the Point

    Yard signs are a great way to get to the point. Having a sale? Put up signs that say “SALE.” Got a vacancy? Your sign can simply say “FOR RENT” outside your property.

    10. Promote Job Openings

    If you have openings at your company, invite passing traffic to apply with signs near your location. Keep it super simple – just say “Now Hiring” and provide your website or phone number, or even just “apply within.”

    Whichever way you choose to use them, yard signs can be a vital piece of your marketing puzzle. Get creative and draw customers to you! Knox Box Signs can create custom signs for all your needs. Give us a call today to get a free quote.